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What is the Lifepodz System?

Lifeplantz is growing made easy for all. Through the use of our innovative & sustainable first micro aeroponics desktop system – LifePodz, anyone and everyone can easily grow a plant of their choice. Be it to keep the house green, spice your dishes with delicious micro greens or even a healthy and organic meal.

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See how to grow nutritious produce at home as easily as making your morning cup of coffee.

Our Story

Conceptualised to be the innovator of sustainable urban farming, indoor and outdoor vertical farming made easy using a proven approach developed as the LifePlantz ecosystem.

It started with a simple question “Why is it so hard to
grow plants?” With that question in mind, we tried EVERYTHING to create the most efficient & sustainable
way of growing & keeping plants alive.

Through the innovative use of 3D printing,
internet of things, machine learning, aeroponics &
hydroponics we were able to achieve something
amazing. We made growing easy for everyone.

Why Lifepodz?

3D Printed





Environmentally Friendly

Designed to Improve Germination and Sustain Plant Life